Rotations In Orthopaedic Surgery PGY-I

This is a vigorous and challenging program. The residents are expected to take charge of patient problems and are given considerable responsibility and independence with constant involvement and supervision by full-time and part-time faculty. All residents come in contact with a large variety of patients throughout the program and are expected to be an integral part of the surgical team in all of the operative cases. In general, the residents will find the faculty supervising and attending each of the clinics and operative procedures. The call schedule is demanding, especially in the UCIMC.


The PGY-I year is an internship that provides a comprehensive background in areas considered basic to orthopaedic practice.

Thirteen rotations include 7 in orthopaedic surgery divided between the orthopaedic departments at UCI Medical Center and Long Beach VA. Two rotations in general surgery, which will include one rotation each of trauma, and plastics. The PGY-I resident will also be doing one rotation of emergency medicine. The final two rotations will be in anesthesia and MSK radiology.

During your intern year, you become proficient in learning how to care for trauma patients and surgical patients in a systematic way. About six months into the year, you become very comfortable taking care of trauma and orthopaedic patients and learning how to manage a service. As the intern, you have quite a bit of responsibility within the team and this will prepare you well for more senior roles on the orthopaedic service. You also will learn how to navigate through the different computer systems, working with case managers for disposition and how to work within the walls of the hospital.

Be prepared to work around 80 hours per week on some rotations (less on others). Also be ready to start learning orthopaedics early, especially during the 6 months of your orthopaedic rotations which usually are the best of the year. As an intern in orthopaedics, if you are able to manage the floor work, you are welcome to scrub on any cases (and be ready to operate when you are in the OR!!!).

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Rotations 2020-21

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